My name is Philippe, I was born in 1969 in Marseille, Provence in the South of France.

You ‘ve heard a lot about Provence right?

Well, Marseille is also the country of the Calanques, my playground for hiking, running and mountain biking.

Can you see the pics around : sunny place with bright white high cliffs, deep blue sea, and green pines. Amazing place.

You can’t smell it though. Too bad, because it’s a big chunck of the experience.

Anyway, so many tracks to explore that I have to find my way.


I used to bring a detailed map, or load an itinerary on my smartphone to locate myself during my run. At each crossing I was wondering whether I had to turn or keep ahead.

Have you ever tried to use your touchscreen when you sweat ? You need a pin to unlock your smartphone, don’t you ? Do you need to wear glasses ? Do you have the longest arms to focus on the map ?

Now, try to memorize the next three moves…

All this was not comfortable.


Eventually I said to myself that instead of looking for my way, it should come to me simply. Not with a voice, because I don t want to hear instructions when I am in the middle of the nature…

I can listen to my music, or simply… nothing.
I wanted to be warned only when I had to turn.
I wanted it simple and shared.


I love innovation. To me, it is the proof that additional tools are available to enhance people’s life.

We are connected all day long. Being over connected looks to me like man becomes slave of technology.

When I am in the middle of the nature, I just want to keep control over the tools.

So if I am guided, I want it smoothly.


Yes shared. Should I keep these tracks for me, or do I want to make them available to other nature lovers?

If it is shared, it means that when I am traveling, I can enjoy others’ great tracks…

The onTracks concept was born