No screen, No map, No voice

Follow your track without the need of a screen or a map

2 bracelets connected
to your smartphone

One on each
of your wrists

You will be guided
through vibrations and leds

Have you ever been there ?

Running in the streets

Why should I hold my smartphone while running ?

​Because… I don’t want to get lost when I am

running on new tracks.

Mountain biking with friends

Please stop, I have to look for the way.

Taking my gloves off, putting my glasses on, grabbing my smartphone, unlocking the screen, launching the geoloc app, and trying to memorize the next five turns…

At the sixth, I’ll have to do it all again.

Riding a motorbike

Looking at the screen is not looking at the traffic.

You should stay focus on the surrounding hazards.

Life is at stake.

Discover onTracks

How onTracks works ?

Connect your 2 bracelets

Choose your track on

the “onTracks” app

Go for your tracks

Find new tracks and access to the best of them with onTracks app

With onTracks, you join a community !

Before each run or each ride, you can choose a track

among the proposals of the community. Not only it is an intuitive guidance solution, but also a community to discover new places.

Enjoy the thousands of tracks offered by the other users.

Bring your tracks to the community !

You certainly have an important collection of tracks… Don’t hesitate to add your own run : upload your gpx, kml, kmz or tcx files.

It’s simple and easy !

A team of passionates and experts

They like us

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