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Black Mountain Hike is a very strenuous hiking trail that is located in San Diego. The strenuousness of the trail depends on the grade and the difficulty of the terrain. This means that if you want to make the most of your time, you should plan your trip well in advance. You can do this by using the services of San Diego outdoor adventure travel companies. These companies will organize several hiking trips to popular mountain destinations like Black Mountain.

Black Mountain Is One Of The Best Known Hikes In California

It is a challenging nine-mile long trek that starts from the parking lot of the Hidden Valley Campgrounds. It is also called the Three Sisters, after the three peaks that comprise the mountain. The first peak is the highest, while the other two are moderately higher. Regardless of the names, all of them provide a challenging hiking experience.

Black Mountain is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You will be able to experience a unique outdoor adventure without leaving the comforts of your home or office. The San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, and the Wild Animal Park are also nearby attractions. You can shop at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, while enjoying a leisurely meal on one of the many dining establishments around the area. If you want to keep fit, you can go for hikes, bike tours, or swimming.

The Trails In Black Mountain Are Relatively Flat And Do Not Require Much In The Way Of Equipment Or Supplies

They can be walked on easily by those who are not used to these types of outdoor activities. There is some walking involved after you reach the summit. However, if you are an experienced hiker, you can follow any of the trails towards the valley floor. Black Mountain is close to a lot of beautiful land and has excellent scenery.

Another option is to rent a hiking tent. These tents come with individual rooms or can be arranged to accommodate several groups of hikers at the same time. The price ranges are comparable to lodgings in San Diego. You can ask about the best spots for hiking before you leave on your trip. Hiking poles, rope, and a first aid kit are generally provided.

Wear comfortable clothing including socks, shoes, pants, and a raincoat. Pack an emergency kit that includes aspirin tablets, pain reliever tablets, cough drops, bandages, eye goggles, sun block, and toilet paper. Bring along a camera to capture the wonderful sights and wildlife you will see. Dress accordingly to prepare for the hike. For instance, if you will be hiking under the hot sun, you will want to dress in sunscreen.

Bring Food And Water

Bring some kind of medicine for headaches, colds, and sore muscles. If you have a cough, bring some cough syrup. If you have a mosquito bite, apply some mosquito repellant.

You can camp at anytime of the day, but it’s easier if you can do your hiking in the mornings, when the deer and other wildlife are not as active. Take along a first-aid kit containing antiseptic wipes, hydrogen peroxide, and aspirin tablets. Wear a face mask to protect your nose and mouth, and bring a container of insect repellant. Wear a helmet to protect your head from rocks, gravel, and other hazards on the mountain. If you are going to camp in a tent, make sure it is large enough to accommodate you and your sleeping bag and have someplace to hang your sleeping bag. Have a first-aid kit, including anti mosquito cream, and take some anti-histamine tablets in case you become sick due to insect bites or from being exposed to bug dust.

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