Dear onTrackers,

You should have received your onTracks GuideWatches. I understand you cannot wait to use them anytime now ...
However we need to give you some information and requested actions regarding your product:

Some of our onTrackers reported that the content was made of two pairs of "Sport" wristbands, instead of the expected content : 1 "Sport" set and 1 "Classic" set.

As a reminder, a pair of Sport" wristbands looks like this: 

A pair of "Classic" wristbands is:

Your pack should contain both types of wristbands. If you have two pairs of “Sport”, we invite you to send us an email at support@ontracks.co with your contact details (lastname, first name, email, postal address) and a photo showing the 2 pairs of "Sport" wristbands. This will allow us to send you the missing pair of "Classic" bracelets.

For onTrackers with an iPhone, you may have trouble connecting your GuideWatches to the onTracks app. Do not worry, you are not mishandling or electronic problems with your GuideWatches ! 

This connection issue is related to the latest updates imposed this week by Apple and impacting Bluetooth connections... Though it causes errors with the GuideWatches connection. A fix has been developed by our technical teams in 24 hours and we are waiting for its validation by the Apple team. We request 24 hours to 48 hours of your additional patience...

The whole onTracks team is sorry for the inconvenience. We are trying to reduce that time.

We are also at your disposal to answer your questions.
Have a nice day.

Philippe Leca - President onTracks