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Discover and enjoy new routes
with the simplest GPS connected watch

Enfilez vos GuideWatch Ontracks

Slip on your onTracks GuideWatch.
One on the left wrist and one on the right.

Choose, import or design your route using the onTracks application on your smartphone. Stow your phone in your pocket or pack.

Sélectionnez ou importez votre parcours sur l'application OnTracks
Vous êtes guidés par les vibrations

Let the vibrations guide you: When you need to turn right, the right-hand GuideWatch will vibrate. And when you need to turn left, the left watch will vibrate (that's all there is to it)

Choose the route that you want to follow from a selection of thousands of itineraries submitted by the onTracks community.

Design your own route directly on the app or record your route during an activity so you can find it for a future outing

Track and monitor all the statistics about your activities just like with your favorite sports app.

Let the vibrations from your GuideWatch show you the way.

You can see all the data about your current activity: speed, kilometers completed, kilometers remaining, heart rate, activity time, etc.

You can also watch your heart rate using the heart rate monitor built into your onTracks GuideWatch.

La montre GPS Multi-Activités

The Multi-Activity GPS watch

Distance/trail running Distance/trail running
Mountain biking/road biking Mountain biking/road biking
Hiking Hiking
Motorcycle/Motor<br/>scooter Motorcycle/Motor
?php echo $trans[$lang]['multi_activity_poi']; ?> Tourist activity
* Requires purchase of special gloves

With outdoor activities, we are always exploring new routes and trying to find our way. It was the utter simplicity and convenience of the onTracks concept that won me over. It's like having a guide that shows you the way at every intersection, without having to look at a screen or a map.

Julien Absalon 2-time Olympic champion and 5-time
World Champion in cross-country mountain biking
Julien Absalon - Champion Olympique de VTC Cross Country