My name is Philippe, I was born in 1969 in Marseille, Provence in the South of France.
You ‘ve heard a lot about Provence right?
Well, Marseille is also the country of the Calanques, my playground for hiking, running and mountain biking.

Can you see the pics around : sunny place with bright white high cliffs, deep blue sea, and green pines. Amazing place.
You can’t smell it though. Too bad, because it’s a big chunck of the experience.
Anyway, so many tracks to explore that I have to find my way.

The issue

I used to bring a detailed map, or load an itinerary on my smartphone to locate myself during my run. At each intersection, I wondered whether I had to turn left or right. I took out my map or my phone to figure out where I was, tried to remember the intersections, lost my way… It was complicated!

The solution

Eventually I said to myself that instead of looking for my way, the information should come to me simply. Not with a voice, because I don t want to hear instructions when I am in the middle of the nature…It is so intrusive.

Pack active onTracks

Why simple?

I love innovation. To me, innovation is the proof that additional tools are available to better people’s life.

We are connected all day long. Being over connected looks to me like man becomes slave of technology.

When I am in the middle of the nature, I just want to keep control over the tools. So if I am guided, I want it smoothly. I want technology to adapt to what my body and soul want.

onTracks was born.


I created onTracks on April 2016 and built a proof of concept with some friendly supports. In June 2016, the first trials worked!

I decided to bring onTracks to the Eureka Park of Las Vegas for the CES in January 2017 and the seed round was finalized in January 2018.In 2017 we received the “Outdoor Show Industry Award” in Germany. In 2018 we received the French Inosport Award. And we will start 2019 with a CES 2019 Innovation Award that will be received in CES in Las Vegas. We also are among the 25 finalists of the IoT Innovation World Cup that will be held in Munich in February 2019.

Since the beginning of 2018, we have built a great team, and developed algorithms, our platform, mobile apps and the product.
Despite our sport-oriented legacy, onTracks is much more than another IoT gadget. Our daily life is so lead by navigation needs, that we know that onTracks we’ll be useful not only for the active people, but also in the daily mobility and in the travel area.
We put onTracks as a tool that adapts itself to our needs, not as another complex device.
Feel your way, with onTracks.


Philippe Leca


I am French, 48 and have worked 10 years in finance within big corporations (Ernst & Young, Gemalto), and 13 years in startups as CFO or COO. I have worked on a major IPO in 2000. I have lived in Dallas, Texas USA for 2 years. I have always wanted to run my own business. In 2016, I escaped my comfort zone and created onTracks.

Alexandre Freliger

Marketing Manager

I am a passionate of digital marketing & communication since 12 years. I spent these years in the digital industry for Omnicom, HighCo or Deloitte… In my spare time, I am also a “fan” of running and biking activities


Benjamin Mantecon

Commercial Manager

I spent 15 years in the sports industry at several sales positions for Nike, Le Coq Sportif or Deckers Brands with Teva or Hoka One One but what i prefer is to implement and develop a new brand in the market.


Guillaume Morel


I worked about 10 year in software development for several company such as Very Last Room or IDM group automobile. I’m looking to contribute to disrupt the guidance market by helping my team using emerging technologies.




Tech fan & Horse riding expert



Dev Symfony

Tech fan & Bike enthusiast



Tech fan & IOS addict




Tech fan & Kitesurf addict




Paca investissement is one of the investment funds of the administrative region from the south-east of France, known as PACA.

Credit Agricole Alpes Provence, is the regional branch of Credit Agricole, the first bancassurance group in Europe, the first asset manager in Europe and the first real estate investor in Europe. It gathers 27 million retail customers in France, and counts 139,000 employees worldwide. Through CAAP Innovation, its seed investment fund, onTracks receive part of its financing round.

CEPAC is the regional branch of the Groupe BPCE, 2nd largest banking group in France gathering Caisse d’Epargne and Banque Populaire with 31 million customers, and more than 106,000 employees.

P.Factory is the seed vehicle of CEPAC that has invested in onTracks.

Many business angels have also participated in the round, some of them being gathered in GDA (Grand Delta Angels) located in Avignon, and others are friends or family.

Also, onTracks benefited from significant debt financing and grants from BPI France, the French Public Investment Bank that supports startups in their development and growth.