No screen, no map, no voice

Command your moves through the vibrations:left or right

How it works ? 

function number 1 ontracks

Connect your 2 GuideWatches: One on the left wrist, the other on the right wrist.

function number 2 ontracks

Select on the app onTracks the tracks or path you want to perform.

function number 3 ontracks

Put your phone in your pocket or your bag and GO! You are guided by vibrations to the left or right to know when to turn.

community onTracks

A community sharing

thousands of tracks

onTracks multi-activités

A multi-activity


Envoyer un SOS avec onTracks

An emergency


Choose the pack you need

Pack “Active”

Roaming around an area on a bike or exploring new tracks? Let onTracks guide you using the thousands of paths shared by our community
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Retail price : 219€

Delivery: Summer 2019

Pack “Mobile”

While in 2 wheeler, enjoy safer rides, no need to put your feet down, or check on your smartphone to find your way.
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Retail price : 199€

Delivery: Summer 2019

Pack “Nomad”

Discover new cities, regions or monuments without having to worry about your itinerary.
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Retail price : 179€

Delivery: Summer 2019

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