Whether on a bike or motor bike, enjoy your rides safely without having to stop to find your way, nor look down at your map. When you are riding bikes or motorbikes, you will no longer have to focus on your GPS device any longer, just let the vibrations guide you.You will know when you have to make a turn.
“Mobile” pack content
  • 2 GuideWatches
  • A set of 2 “sport” wristbands
  • A set of 2 “classic” wristbands
  • A set of 2 adaptors for the handlebar of your vehicle
Delivery: Summer 2019
Retail price : 199€

2 – Select your options

– A pair of mittens for your city bike

(Delivery: End 2019)

– A pair of gloves for your motorcycle

(Delivery: End 2019)

Safer rides

One multi-activity


Simple operations

due to intuitive user experience

Let the vibrations guide you

While you ride, you know when to tun through different signals:
– Left or right vibrations let you know where and when to turn
– The screen on the side you need to turn will go on
– If more than one routes on the same side, an arrow on the GuideWatch screen show the way

Create your own tracks easily

Enter your destination address, put on your GuideWatches and go! All you have to do is let yourself be guided by the vibrations to reach your destination.

Smart accessories for an even stronger experience

For a perfect experience when traveling by motorcycle, we have developed a line-up of motorcycle gloves with established business partners where you can insert your GuideWatches.

Available features on your GuideWatches


No need to have your eyes focused on your smartphone

I had the opportunity to try the OnTracks GuideWatches. From the first moments after having put on the gloves incorporating the GuideWatches, I got the benefits. No need to stare at my smartphone anymore.

So much less stress to leave the road and the traffic off your eyes, even for a few seconds. in addition, unlike a classic GPS, entering destination is a breeze!

Fabrice, 45, rides daily with a 2 wheeler

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