Pack “NOMAD”

Discover new cities, regions or monuments without worrying about your itinerary.
“Nomad” pack content :
  • 2 GuideWatches
  • A set of 2 “classic” wristbands
Delivery: Summer 2019
Retail price : 179€

Discover monuments

and pedestrian walks

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Simple operations due

to intuitive user experience


Emergency mode

Find the visit you want

Choose among thousands of itineraries shared by our community and by official departments (Tourist Offices, Cities, National Parks)

Make your own visit routes

You cannot find the itinerary you want ? No worries, just draw your own route easily on your smartphone or computer

Be guided discreetly

Don’t turn your map around and around in the street, don’t your ‘Visitor Information’ guide. Just wear your GuideWatches discreetly like a usual watch, one at each wrist, and you are ready !

Available features on your GuideWatches


i enjoy the view, I am not digging in my smartphone

First I need to thank you, it is my favorite of the week because I often walk, while looking down at my phone, then I enjoy the view, then back to my phone… I can stumble.

Louise Ekland, presenter of the “We have the solution” TV show on France 3 channel.

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