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Hiking the Cascades is one of my favorite activities to do in Portland, Oregon. There are so many beautiful views along the way that it’s easy to become overwhelmed, but if you follow the right trail you will enjoy each mile of hiking the Cascades. If you want to get the most out of your hike, you should consider taking a hike up the silver creek falls. If you happen to be an outdoor fanatic than you already know about the beauty of Oregon’s wilderness areas, but did you know about the amazing hiking areas found in the southern portion of the Cascades?

The Shores Of The Columbia River Gorge

The forested cliffs and wildflowers along the shores of the Columbia River Gorge make this the perfect hiking location. Hiking this trail you will find beautiful views of the Columbia River, Mount Hood, the Tillamook River, the Hood River, and the Willamette River. The silver creek falls are a great place for a picnic and a relaxing day out in nature.

Hiking the Cascades won’t be complete without a visit to the three popular vacation rentals in the area. These rentals make it possible for you to experience the scenic beauty of the Cascades in style. Staying at one of the vacation rentals allows you to enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the natural environment while staying in a cosy and well-furnished apartment. You’ll find great restaurants and a plethora of shopping opportunities in town.

The Portland metropolitan area has dozens of walking trails located in just about every scenic region of the city. The Silver Creek Falls Hike is one of those trails. This walking trail starts at the Silver Creek Falls State Park and goes all the way to the base of the South Buttress of the Grand Traction Trail. The beautiful views of the falls and the hiking path along the banks of the Columbia River are sure to give you an enjoyable hike that you’ll never forget.

The Trail Leads To A Beautiful Wooded Area

The trail leads you through a beautiful wooded area and you will pass three beautiful waterfalls on your way up to the tarn. When you arrive at the tarn, you can continue your hike along the beautiful trail that has been carved out of the mountain cliffs. You will eventually come to a small boardwalk at the far end of the trail. In this boardwalk, you will find restrooms, a map, and an information desk. The information desk offers useful information about the silver creek watershed, the falls, and the camping areas that are located nearby.

Hiking the falls and viewing the natural setting of the Gorge will allow you to view the beautiful colors of the forest. This area is a habitat of many birds and also includes the state of Oregon’s native fish. It is also a great location for hiking because the water levels have been repeatedly lowered due to damming causes. Therefore, you will be able to see wildlife in their natural habitat, including the mule deer and other animals.

Hike The Falls, You Will Love It

Hiking the falls, taking a picnic, and staying in one of the two campsites located near the falls will allow you to experience the quiet solitude of nature. There are also numerous places to explore while you hike the North Fork of Silver Creek. Some of the activities that you might want to do include hiking, kayaking, cycling, swimming, boating, and horseback riding. Some of the campgrounds that are located nearby offer restrooms, pit toilets, grills, and hot tubs.

A very popular hiking destination, Silver Creek Falls State Park is within a fifteen minute drive of downtown Portland. The park features miles of rugged terrain with steep cliffs. Hikers and campers often find the park very interesting because of its scenic beauty, wildflowers around the falls, and creek. However, the most fascinating aspect of this park is the natural stream of water running through it. This stream was originally created as a result of a natural flood that poured down from the Rocky Mountains.

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