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International music festivals and events

If you are planning a concert in Juneau, it might be a good idea to check out the Thunder Valley Casino. Their outdoor amphitheater is a great addition to any music lover’s list of places to see in Juneau. The venue is a partner in the production of the annual Jazz Festival and Music Works. They have also hosted numerous other musical events, including Jazz Fest, Jazz on the Square, and Fiesta in Juneau.

The amphitheater at the Thunder Valley Casino hosts many events every single year and one of these events are Jazz Fest. This three-day extravaganza is the original Jazz Fest and continues to grow in popularity each year. Music lovers young and old flock to this amazing venue to enjoy world-famous jazz and bluegrass. Jazz Fest takes place every September at the amphitheater with a special four-day Celebration and Annual Fireworks display. There is a free live webcast feed available from the Seaport Village area which shows spectacular views of the fireworks show


Another popular attraction at the Thunder Valley Casino is their ballroom. Located in the lobby of the building, the ballroom offers guests a beautiful view of the jousting grounds as well as the beautiful Lake Tahawusk Indians. This venue is host to the annual Jazz in the Park series as well as a number of other cultural events throughout the summer. This concert was part of the jazz festival, (November 17th) which was attended by hundreds of attendees. The band who played the night before was Steely Dan, the king of igaming.

Lush greenery and beautiful landscapes

The Seaport Village is only blocks away from the amphitheater at the Thunder Valley Casino and if you happen to be on vacation in Thunder Valley CA, there is little doubt that you will want to check out this beautiful park filled with lush trees and landscaping. There are picnic areas and bathrooms to relax in while enjoying the fireworks nightly. The free fireworks are nightly and during the summer months, the outdoor concerts are also a top draw. The concerts can be found during the July 9th through the July 12th and are always sold out, but they always return back to being a hot ticket.

Global Event Center

Also located in the midst of the Thunder Valley Casino, you will find the Global Event Center. The amphitheater and convention center is only minutes from both the Seaport Village and the civic center, so if you happen to be in town for the Global Event Center, you won’t have far to drive to see the spectacular fireworks displays that happen nightly. The Global Event Center is also host to many other events such as the Surf Festival, the Great Lakes Science and Technology Festival and even holds music festivals.

For those traveling in from out of town, there is still some lodging to be had at the Seaport Village. There are great hotels and lodges such as the Holiday Inn on Main Street and the Holiday Inn on Spring Street. Both of these lodges will provide you with excellent accommodations and restaurants to dine at. The Holiday Inn on Main Street actually has a stage and sound system and there are also activities for rent along with dancing. The Holiday Inn on Spring Street is a bit older and is less posh but is just as comfortable. If you are looking for more casual gambling and gaming, then the iPoker Bar will be the place for you.

Although the iPoker Bar is not the only place where you will find Poker players, this is still one of the most popular gambling stops in town, which is the reason it will be hosting the Jazz Festival this year. This jazz festival will be held at various times throughout the entire July. For the July 6th celebration, the Jazz Fest is being held at the Bell-in-hand Hotel, which is located across the street from the Seaport Village.

Another spectacular event happening in April, this time it will be the Jazz on the Bay Festival, featuring live music performances by jugglers and special effects teams from throughout the region, along with appearances by renowned local and international stars. Jazz on the Bay runs until April, so be sure to secure your tickets for the show, which is scheduled to run daily through April. This concert is part of the Jazz in the Park series of events that the amphitheater hosts each year.

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