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If you’ve never been on a long hike before, then it’s important that you have a good plan of what to eat before you go. There are several different things that you can pack with you that will help make your hike a more pleasant experience, even if it is for a day trip. Most people who take hiking trips on a regular basis to carry with them some sort of water along with some sort of snack for emergencies. Snacks are important because they keep you energized and replenished, so that you do not become too hungry while you are out in the wilderness.

One Of The Best Types Of Snacks That You Should Always Have With You Is A Sports Drink

Having an energy booster such as a sports drink will help you stay focused throughout your hike. While you may think of your sports drink as a simple beverage, there are actually a few different types of sports drinks that you can choose from that contain electrolytes and boost your energy.

Easy And Healthy Protein Snacks

If you’re looking for a snack that is healthy and will keep you energized, you should try to carry a Power Bar. A Power Bar is an excellent choice because they usually come with a protein bar and a sugar-free yogurt to go along with it. This makes a delicious and healthy combination, and it will provide you with the energy you need to complete your hike. These types of Power Bars also often have a high-carb coating to give it more bulk and make it easier to cut into smaller pieces for eating.

Fruit Does Help Your Insulin Levels

Another type of healthy hiking snacks that you should consider taking with you are fruit. If you eat several different fruits a day, then you are sure to stay full for longer during your hike, which means that you will be less likely to suffer from hunger later on. The reason that fruits are considered to be a great choice for hiking snacks is because they have been proven to help keep the weight off. When the body doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a stable weight, it can lose it off more easily. If you are looking for a natural way to lose weight, fruits might be just what you are looking for.

Does A Chocolate Milk Drink Give You Energy?

Another snack idea that will keep you energized while you are hiking is a chocolate milk drink. A chocolate milk drink can contain anywhere between twenty-four and thirty grams of carbohydrates, which can boost your endurance significantly. However, you do want to be careful about the chocolate milk drink that you choose. Some brands have high sugar content, and this can make you feel hungry even if you aren’t. Try choosing a drink that contains reduced amounts of high-glycemic Index ingredients, such as agave nectar or organic agave syrup.

For endurance athletes, a great choice of what to eat before a long hike is to carry a protein shake. This will help fuel your muscles as you push yourself farther into the day. One of the best proteins to take is whey protein. It contains all the necessary amino acids your body needs, as well as BCAAs, which are considered essential for muscle recovery and faster recovery. Look for a whey protein isolate that comes from grass-fed cow’s milk or soy milk, as these types of milk contain the most nutrients per serving. Of course, the type of protein you eat will greatly affect how quickly and efficiently your muscles recover.

What Is Carb Loading And How Can It Help?

For those looking for an easy way to add more energy to their workouts, carb loading might be the answer. Before you begin your endurance runs or hikes, load up on carbs! Carbo loading involves eating several small meals during the day, instead of the customary three large meals you get with high-intensity workouts. While this does cause your body to create more glycogen, remember that this is a good thing. Your body now has more fuel, so you can go for more miles more quickly. Carbo loading helps you stick to your endurance runs or hikes longer because your muscles are constantly fed with energy.

If you want to enjoy a healthy diet while you hike, make sure to bring along snacks. Again, the best foods to eat before a long hike are those that are high in calories and fat, yet low in carbohydrates. A good example of this is nuts. Nut butters are very healthy, they’re packed with protein, and you can also load them up with oils and fats for even more added nutrition. Other foods you should bring along with you on any type of outdoor hiking trip are granola bars, instant soup mixes, energy bars, pretzels, peanut butter, protein cookies, and granola bars, which you can eat while you hike.

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