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One of the best trails in Bend is the Franklin Falls Hike. It is a challenging trail that has beautiful views of the falls. The trail starts at the Lower Falls of Franklin Creek and makes a dramatic turn up the valley side of the falls. You’ll be walking on level terrain for the first several miles and then will have to make an” ascent” to continue on to the top of the falls.

It Is Possible To Go On The Trail To The Top Of The Falls At Any Time Of Year

There are several different routes to take. For most of the hikes the path around the falls uses an old roadbed. Other hikers prefer to follow the path along the shoreline of the falls. However, those who prefer to be off the beaten path can choose to travel further down the Creek and hike along the river bottom.

If you want to do the entire hike or just part of it, you should plan your trip carefully. Most of the water on the falls is not drinkable. So it is important that you don’t bring a drink with you in case you come across any small streams or creeks. You also need to bring food and refreshments with you if you intend to stay on the trail to the Falls.

Acclimate To The Mountain To Hike Better

You should get to the trailhead before sunrise so that you can allow plenty of time to acclimate to the hiking trails. Even when you are tired from the Falls, you still need to take a rest and relax. You may want to consider taking a morning coffee. Before you leave, find a few places to park near the trail so that you do not waste too much space. Also collect some sunscreen so that you will be protected from the sun on your hike.

Once you reach the trail head, start out by exploring the area. Look for viewpoints and overlooks that will show you the Falls. If you are an experienced hiker, you should find the falls fairly quickly. However, if you are a beginner it may take you a little more time to reach the Falls. If you have never been there you might be a little disoriented and that could lead to having a panic attack.

If you are afraid of heights you should not take the Falls in the daytime. Many people who like to hike the Trail to the Falls in the day to find them too high. Even the crowds of people on the trail at sunrise are not too high so it will not be an issue.

When you arrive at the Falls make sure that you take plenty of pictures

You may want to take a picture of the setting before you even arrive. If you do not have a camera with you, it is not too late. You can borrow a digital camera from one of the vendors at the site. You can also take videos with your digital camera of the panoramic views that are amazing.

There are many places that you can hike the Franklin Falls Trail to. It is in the Franklin National Forest so you will need a permit in order to go on the trail. There are also several other trails that you can take that are off the main trail so you will want to take this into account as well. The falls are open to the public so there are plenty of facilities where you can stay hot or cool and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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