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The North Face Ultra Guide is a well designed and well made shoe. However, does it live up to the hype that the company has created for it? As with most shoe companies, the key lies in the middle. Many times, these shoes will feature the same midsole for many different brands. If you know of these brands, then you can find the same midsole on other pairs of shoes, but not the North Face Ultra Guide.

Our Most Loved Running Shoe

As you might have seen, TNF is actually starting to up their game when it come’s to trail running. However, it s pretty hard to visit an online running store or read an endurance magazine without seeing at least a TNF ad. The truth is that the Ultra Guide might be good, but it is not one of the better trail running shoes that you can buy. This is based mainly on the fact that it lacks any sort of cushioning in the heel or in the outsole.

The ultra-sensitivity of the TNF makes it easy for the feet to lock onto the wrong foot. In addition, there are no real stability features either. While the en Los soles do feel a little more firm than some other brands, the TNF sensitivity means that you can easily turn your foot. A few reviews of the TNF advise that while they like the overall performance of the ultra-sensitivity, they would have liked a little more stability for the same cost.

A Light And Comfortable Shoe

On the other hand, many reviews of the TNF advise that it is a light and comfortable shoe to wear. This comes as no surprise considering that the TNF was designed by the world famous footstepsman Patagonia, which is well known for making high quality boots. The fact that the TNF can be worn on trails and mountain paths makes it extremely versatile as a runner. As with most trail running shoes, the fit of the uppers is relatively loose-fitting but they are also roomy enough for your toes to move. This is great news for anyone who loves to get a good workout on uneven terrain.

The construction of the uppers and the outsole on the North Face Ultra Guide is typical of a runner looking at high-performance trail shoes. There is standard grip tape along the front of the shoe, as well as welding midfoot support and arch bars. Many reviews have praised the durability of these parts, particularly the welded midfoot support, which is designed to spread the pressure across the foot. It can take some abuse, including jumping and landing from short distances. The outcome on the Ultra Guide is made out of the same material as the uppers, which is yet another sign of the quality of the product.

The uppers on the North Face Ultra Guide are made up of a lightweight breathable mesh material that keeps in moisture while offering excellent ventilation. Also, the outside has a tread pattern that is designed to provide excellent traction off the ground as well as provide a smooth surface to walk on. This tread pattern is sealed into the top of the shoe with a waterproof membrane. While the waterproof membrane may not make a lot of noise when you run, it does keep water out of the shoes.

Lower Or Upper? What’s Better?

The uppers of the North Face Ultra Guide are made of the same material as the upper, but they are also dyed to match the upper in shades of blue. Because of the way the upper and the outsole are sewn, it looks like the two actually belong together, even though they are not. The leather laces are reinforced to hold a larger weight than normal, and the alligator-inspired logo is embroidered right on the tongue. The laces are fully adjustable to allow for either tighter or looser fit. While the synthetic leather does wear thinner towards the end of the hiking day, the finish maintains a medium thickness across the entire shoe.

While the Review includes the sixteen inch The North Face Ultra Guide boots, there are also two other models available. If you are an athletic person that prefers a heavier boot with added ankle support, then the North Face Echo Camping Guide is a good option. For those that are looking for something more luxurious and cushioned, The North Face Trout camp boot is a good choice. Finally, if you have never heard of La Sportadena, then the Bajan Trail Boots is worth a look. The two models include a ten inch shaft, but the Bajan models add a bit more cushioning and extra ankle support.

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