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The Eagle Mountain Lake Trail follows an overhead path along the ridge of a mountain. The trail has moderate difficulty and includes some excellent scenery. At the start of the hike, you will cross a small boardwalk on the right. Take a left as soon as you see it. There is a hand-carved wooden cabin on the left with a view of Bear Mountain and downtown avalanche Country.

There Are Seven Miles Long In The Eagle Mountain National Recreation Area

Most of the trail is in good condition. The biggest problems include steep cliffs, narrow cliffs, and rocky terrain. It can be challenging to fit in all the trails so be sure to leave enough room for your travel route and return to your car or hike through on another day.

The most popular hike in Eagle Mountain National Park is the East Cascades Loop. The loop starts at the south forks of the Cache La Poudre River, where the forested cliffs give way to lush meadows and wildflowers. The trail leads you on to the ridge, where spectacular views of Three Mountain Creek and the Continental Divide of Rocky Mountain National Park give way to steep cliffs.

If you like being in the middle of the wilderness then the East Cascades Loop Eagle Mountain Trail is for you. This is a very popular trail that allows hikers the chance to explore the beautiful scenery while avoiding the crowds of the Seven Mile Loop. Starting from the parking lot at the East Ridge Trail head, make your way down to the left where a signed intersection makes it easy to find the trail sign for East Cascades Loop Trail. The trail begins to climb gradually due to cliffs and wildflowers. Just follow the white blaze running down the trail and soon you’ll reach the first camp site, where you’ll have your choice of using the primitive toilet or stay at the picnic tables.

This Trail Provides A Diverse Terrain For Hikers

While starting from the parking area, you may choose to go further afield to explore the viewpoints of numerous waterfalls as well as ponder on the history of the Black Hills. After you’ve made your way to the parking lot, hike the remaining part of the East Cascades Loop Eagle Mountain Trail. Soon you’ll encounter views of diverse terrain including streams, lakes, and Wekiwa Springs where you can take some time to read up on the history of this famous spot. End your adventure at the Footsteps Camp where you can camp out for the night.

To continue your East Cascades loop hike you need to return to the start of the trail at the Wekiwa Springs Trailhead. At the turnaround point, turn right and hike another quarter of a mile before turning left to find an incredible view of Whistler. From here, you will start to see some brown bear activity and panoramic views of Mount Charleston. You will pass several impressive viewpoints as you make your way down the trail to a well-manicured grassland. When you reach the base of the mountain, be sure to stop by the overlook and view of the water below; the view from here will enable you to see why so many people hike the East Cascades each year.

The East Cascades Trail

The East Cascades Trail also offers several other hiking opportunities in addition to the two previous miles. Other trails like Hike to Sky high (2.3 miles), South Fork Trail, and Sandhiwara Trail are great ways to spend your morning or afternoon hiking and have a snack while watching wildlife and taking in the unique scenery of this area. If you love water, consider a day trip to the nearby Sandhiwara Waterfalls which offers panoramic scenes that are comparable to those found in the Lower 48. Other hiking opportunities include Black Bear and Caribou Falls, all of which are easily reached by car if you are prepared to spend the afternoon exploring.

Overall, the East Cascades Hike is an excellent hiking experience. While it does require a significant amount of walking, you will be rewarded with scenic views of both the ocean and surrounding forest. The payoff of this strenuous hike is the breathtaking views you get from the three lakes that make up the East Cascades National Park. You can hike from the park office in Moosehead or upon arriving in Minnesota, rent a bike and hit the road for some more exploration of Minnesota’s wilderness. One of the best parts of the hike is the chance to visit some of the unique wildflowers and plants scattered throughout the state’s forests.

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